Casanova On A Budget – The Economics Of Love

Casanova On A Budget

Casanova On A Budget

Casanova’s homeland of Italy is fast losing it’s steamy reputation of being the romantic encounters capital of Europe as Italian men face the challenge of woo’ing their potential partners with all the care and attention they are known for, while being on a ‘budget.’

Casanova On A Budget

Italian men are know for their ‘large’ appetites as I can confirm from my own personal experience with the subject matter. Yet in a world gone mad with ‘austerity measures’ it seems like even the classic Latin Lover has learned finally to rein in his hunger.

Traditionally wealthy Italian men would keep secret lovers, hidden away in fully paid flats, and lavish them with expensive treats. For the middle class, a more urban approach was taken with the ‘lunch’ time getaway – a meeting between lovers would happen at upscale hotels during their lunch hour.

Yet sadly today it seems like all that has been consigned to history with the BBC and the well known Italian magazine Panorama reporting via their ‘discreet’ research that hotels are seeing less and less of these “lunchtime visits.”

To The Chase

A recent survey done by an online dating site among Italian women has confirmed that the Italian Casanova is putting aside the tools of his trade – the flowers, wine, and dinner dates – to get directly to the point.

What is the point you might ask? Well let’s leave that to your own ‘discreet’ research.

Let’s hope by the next time any of us heads to Italy, that the economics of Love as improved enough for a new generation of Casanovas to appear, one that is hungry for love.

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