Voltaire – The Hottest Gothic Rocker on the Web.

I proudly welcome as this week’s obsession, Voltaire, the hottest Gothic Rocker on the Web. This obsession randomly begun when I was dragged out by my then-straightish boy friend Zack, to a place called the ‘Hot Monkey Love Cafe’ in San Diego for a night of Gothic Rock Music & Cabaret.

For those of you that know me personally, it will come as no great surprise that this was the night that lead to my short yet glorious career as a Gothic cabaret performer (think of a live Rocky Horror Picture Show and you are on right track).

Once I saw him performing live that was it as far I was concerned. While other teenage girls and boys were obsessing over Justin Timberlake, I was giggling over Voltaire. You might even say it was Voltaire who turned me quite literally into a giggle fan boy. A fan boy who looks rather nifty in black corsets, if I do say so myself and I do.

“When the cherry blossoms start to bloom, meet me here in my lonely room. We’ll have a pleasure filled fantasy.”

It was the cover of his ‘Dead Girls’ album that pushed him into the realm of DILF’s for me (if you don’t know that term, Google it.) To my own sadness and sorrow he is now happily married.

Voltaire and Amanda Palmer of band ‘Dresden Dolls’, who aren’t married, but they make a cute photo couple, no? Amanda is a future obsession who taught me the true art of Gothic Cabaret through her own amazing performances.

the Hot Monkey Love Cafe perfomance

Voltaire surprised most his regular fans that night by performing a couple of his best known pieces on the acoustic guitar, a very rare treat as I later learned. At the end of the show, to my delight my flirtatious nature paid off for Voltaire being the gentleman and scholar that he is, politely kissed my hand. Needless to say this sent me into a giggling fit that lasted for a bit.

Thank god for Myspace.

I thought I would end this post with a picture from Voltaire’s old Myspace profile. Yes, he looks good even coming out of the shower.

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