Why I say a ‘Handsy’ Shia LaBeouf is NO BIG DEAl!


My Life as a 'Secret' Cabaret performer!

My Life as a ‘Secret’ Cabaret performer!

Let me start out by saying I wholeheartedly believe that what Shia LABeouf did was in no way worthy of him being arrested and being paraded around in the media like some drunken sexual fiend. Now let me the context for that statement. I have spent a good part of my adult life as a ‘secret’ Cabaret performer who does a gender illusion act as a Geisha, not to mention the nearly three years I spent as a cast member of Rocky Horror Picture Show, where I literally spent 4 hours dancing about a stage twice a week in nothing but a corset, stockings and very high heels.

One of the first lessons I learned as I was baring my soul for my art on stage is that a handsy audience was par for the chorus. It was my job to create an illusion that transported them into another world. A world where the line between passion and ‘good behavior’ did not exist. Now I am not saying that there is not a very fine line of what behavior is acceptable, because there is. But in no way do I believe Shia LeBeouf crossed that line. Please all he literally did was pinch Alan Cumming’s bum as Alan pranced by. I can’t begin to tell you how many of my fishnet stockings got ruined during one of my performances due to a very excited member of the audience, both female and male.

It is all about creating the illusion between passion of what can be and what is allowed.

It is all about creating the illusion between passion of what can be and what is allowed.

The lesson here is that basically if you were doing your job as an ‘Artist’ the audience enters wholehearted into the mood your performance has created. That is the true magic that lays between the audience and the performer.

The Geisha - My Gender Illusion Act.

The Geisha – My Gender Illusion Act.

I thought I would close this post with what took place from the lad, himself – Shia LaBeouf in his own words as he explained to Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel.

“After drinking whiskey all day, he attended a performance of Cabaret on Broadway last June and at one point thought star Alan Cumming was winking at him.

The audience is seated at tables instead of traditional rows to simulate a nightclub and the cast moves among them.

LaBeouf made his move when Cumming walked past him.

‘All I’m thinking about are his leather pants and him winking at me, and he walks past me and I give him a slap on the ass cause I think he deserves it, and he’s seducing me, I mean he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen,’ LaBeouf told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday (13 October) night.

‘And I just don’t slap and slap but I slapped and grabbed him. I grabbed the whole cheek cause I wanted the party right here in my pants. I wanted to grab the whole party.

‘He finds a way to wiggle out of my Hercules grip…we get to intermission and somebody says ‘there’s another party outside.’ And I see six cops having their own party. Anyways, they wanted to take me to the station.”



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